All Week [Winner Chosen] BigdayGT's 12 Days of Ninja Week Giveaway #10: Les Miserables Best Buy

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Mar 20, 2013
Fellow Ninjas- welcome to Ninja Week, my favorite week of the year :woot: And hopefully yours too!!! :thumbs:

It's like Christmas in February only a little more fun and with more chances to win. To get everyone in the giving (and receiving) spirit honoring this monumental week I am hosting a "12 Days of Ninja Week Giveaway" In which I will be setting up 12 different giveaways (some with multiple prizes up for grabs) in celebration of this week.

Please check out mine and all the fellow Ninja Giveaways here this week and enjoy the forums. I wanted to give back something to this community again and have many Steelbooks, FuturePaks, Video Game Collector's Editions Extras, and more for you to win. Any questions just let me know.

Borrowing the format of the rest of this post from some of the other giveaways to streamline it.

Ninja week from Thread posting to Sunday, Feb 28. All winners will be chosen on Sunday, Feb 28th via, posted in the threads, and notified by PM

All registered members, regardless of post count


#10 USA Steelbook: Les Miserables (Best Buy Exclusive) Brand New and Sealed

How do i win this?!
  1. Thank the original post in this thread agreeing to the terms of this contest.
  2. What is your favorite musical turned into a movie or TV show?
  3. Include pics (optional)

CONTEST TERMS and other Info:
  • One post/entry per person.
  • Winner is responsible for paying for his/her own shipping.
  • I will contact winner(s) with info regarding shipping arrangement after completion of the contest.
I'm a huge musicals fan and for the most part enjoy most of the movie adaptations even with their faults and flaws - obviously nothing beats a live performance and that's one my big gripes when its obvious the actors are miming to a pre-recorded track (thank you Tom Hooper for Les Miserables!).

Purely because I've been listening to it for the past few days on my drive to/from work I'm gonna choose Rock of Ages. Great great songs, and with a cast that can sing them too. Tom Cruise really amazed me in this film.

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