RETAILER GRAND PRIZE [Winner Chosen] Grand Prize package-Star Wars Collectibles!

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Apr 12, 2009

Winner: Madness

We welcome back Grand Prize Sponsor

star-wars sideshow ninjaweek meme 2.png

All registered forum members are eligible to enter. Winner pays shipping.

Package includes:

Luke Skywalker X wing Pilot… 21321
First Order Storm Trooper Jakka—902579

To enter, please reply to this post and share:

1) Show us some pics of your favorite collectibles
2) What was your last collectibles purchase?

Good luck ninjas!

You can spread the word about our 6th Annual Ninja Week!
Please share the meme below and tag us at @hidefninja and @bluraysteelbook Twitter and @hidefninjaofficial on Instagram.

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Enjoy #bestweekever!

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Jul 12, 2013
Lincolnshire, UK
I have a stock photo as I don't have any of these I tried to stay away as it's an expensive hobby but after scrolling through what sideshow have to offer I'm blown away by the quality I'm now worried I'll find another addiction this Freddie is amazing
Last collectible bought was an iron patriot funkopop


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Jun 30, 2015
I am yet to jump in and buy any Sideshow Collectibles figure. Saving for a wedding is killing all of my collecting at the moment, haha. I'm a Big Star Wars and Marvel fan, but my favourite collection is my Toy Story figures.

But my last purchase was actiually a Hulk Marvel Diamond Select figure.
Thank you, and good luck to everyone!
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Jun 4, 2015

Walt & Jessie at the start of Breaking Bad & at the end of the series. The Jessie from the end is a Comic-Con exclusive.
(The figures are standing in front of the Breaking Bad barrel set.)


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Oct 8, 2014
Last bought Hot Toys Iron Man Heartbreaker


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Apr 14, 2015

You may ask why that one?
The first Superaman - Men of Steel Hot toys figure is and will be great. I love the cape. No Need to update with the Superman vs. Batman figure.
Pinhead: so great work Neca put into him. Cannot open it because it looks so fine. And maybe won't. Will add the Mezco one.
Watchmen 6" figures: I am actually hunting them. A lot of fun and the painting is so much better than at new figures.
Darth Vader Bandai Model kit: I love to build this figures and the painting was done by myself. It is rewarding like lego / model kits and star wars at the same time.
Today I will grab my new sideshow C-3PO. Maybe some additional pics later.
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Sep 22, 2015
This is my latest collectible purchased and also my favorite. The Batman statue from the Arkham Knight game.


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Two of my favorites:

Batman by Kotobukiya

There's a Max Payne Statue in there by TriForce:

The last I acquired was an i, Robot bust. Sadly, it's in my other home so can't take a picture at the moment.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :thumbs:
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