[WINNER CHOSEN]Digitalbabe's 6 item MARVEL BLACK PANTHER prize package-NINJA WEEK 2018 Weekend!

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Apr 12, 2009
black panther pic 3.jpeg

WINNER per random.org is @galareta2332

Hello ninjas!

Welcome to NINJA WEEK 2018 Weekend #bestweekever

We're giving away 100's of items in the most unique, annual online pop culture giveaway celebration Feb 19-25! Be sure to stick around all weekend as new giveaways launch from our many generous members, and you have your LAST CHANCE to enter all of the GRAND PRIZES, too!

We have been bringing collectors together since 2009 and our Ninjas come from all over and have different collector, movie tastes and interests.

In this personal giveaway, just reply with your
1) Location or birth place, and
2) Your favorite part about #ninjaweek

black panther pic 2.jpg

Once all of the pictured products are released, I will ship all to 1 winner. Or, I can ship all that become available now, and then ship you the Digibook/Digipack later once released-your choice.

Winner pays all shipping for both options.

You will receive:

1) 1966 BLACK PANTHER Pop! Vinyl

2) MARVEL LEGENDS 12" Black Panther figure

3) Target USA Exclusive Black Panther Digibook/Digipack

4) CD Soundtrack Album (Explicit)

5) Black Panther-The Ultimate Guide Hardcover book

6) Meet the Black Panther Paperback

Good luck Ninjas!


black panther pic1.jpg
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Aug 11, 2013
My birthplace is Canada, QC , Trois-Rivieres

and this #ninjaweek is amazing because of the generous host that give so much stuff very nice :) its the best week ever :)
Jan 21, 2016
My birthplace is Karlsruhe, Germany.

The best about the Ninja week is that all members are getting crazy.
It's a unique event I have never seen before in another forum.
Best giveaways, best forum, best people #bestweekever
Dec 27, 2017
Born in Aabenraa, Denmark

Regarding the best part of #ninjaweek: For me it has to be the generosity of everyone donating and the giveaways that spawn from this. I also love the activity boost of everyone on here (even though I am quite new to the page myself)

Thanks for the giveaway!!
Oct 22, 2015
Fresno, California. My favorite part of ninja week is the generosity of everyone and the boost in people interacting.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Jun 30, 2012
thanks for the epic giveaway!!

I was born and still live in birmingam, England
My favorite part about #ninjaweek is all the generosity kindness from all members and everyone is so friendly and also the sheer number of giveawys there are.
Apr 26, 2014
Born in Croydon, England

My favourite part is the amazing giveaways and all the prizes that the community gives away so generously
Nov 16, 2016
Amazing giveaway right here!

My location is Zagreb, Croatia.

My favourite thing is obviously the fantastic generosity of the members of this community during Ninja Week!
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