Zen Pinball - We're getting a demo! Right on!

Jan 29, 2009
Zen's PlayStation Network pinball title is getting a try before you buy option, with a playable demo of Zen Pinball available alongside the full game this Thursday.

The demo version of Zen Pinball comes complete with Eldorado, one of the four pinball tables launching with the full version of the game. The board is heavy on early South American imagery, evoking the legend of the lost city of gold.

"We have received huge success with our Pinball FX title on XBLA and fans around the world have been clamoring for a solid pinball title on PlayStation Network," said Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director for ZEN Studios. "We're pleased to offer a free sample pinball table that introduces players to the intense realistic pinball physics and mechanics that can be found in the full edition. If you enjoy arcade games this is definitely a title you'll want to check out!"

Zen was gracious enough to pass on a few exclusive images of the demo table, along with shots of the Shaman, Tesla, and V12 tables as well. The full version of the game will be available on May 14th for $9.99.
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beer snob
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Feb 16, 2009
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my wife played this one time and got the high score without losing a ball. i was playing the demo for 5 seconds and she saw me and said "give it to me!" :hilarious:

i think i may have found her game :D
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Coming to PSN this Week: ZEN Pinball: Earth Defense Table

ZEN Studios has locked down this Thursday, March 25 as the official release date for Earth Defense, the latest expansion table for ZEN Pinball! You can pick up the fun new table on the PlayStation Store for $2.49 – check out an exclusive sneak peak of the new Earth Defense table with the trailer below!

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And that’s just a small taste of what the Earth Defense table will deliver. Prepare yourself to save the world! The fate of the world is in your hands and it is your mission to overcome the panic and rid Pinball City of the alien invaders. Check out the exciting new Earth Defense table tomorrow! For more information, you can always check out previous posts on the Blog or visit the official ZEN Pinball website at www.ZenPinball.com.