Hot Toys Iron Man Mark VII 1/6 Scale Figure Review


At last the Avengers team is taking better shape with the release of Iron Man Mark VII release (the Mark VI Avengers version was released last year in limited quantities) to the US market following very long delays. The figure was placed on pre-order last September/October and it saw many delays and with a price tag of $274.99. Indeed a very high price for a single figure, but after receiving it and taking a look at everything that it comes with, it is all well worth it.

The artistic box itself looks very nice and it is definitely a good sign of what is inside. Upon removing the slip, the figure looks fantastic. Inside the box you will find 3 sets of hands (one with articulated fingers), a neck piece, a Tony Stark headsculpt, two forearm rockets (left and right), two thigh pieces with rockets, two silver thigh pieces, two golden thigh pieces, two full arms without light up pieces and battle damaged shoulder pads, a battle damaged chest piece and a stand. The ribs have a removable piece on each side as well. If you were lucky enough or put your pre-order with a timely fashion, the Sideshow Collectibles exclusive includes a green hologram figure of the Mark VII suit.


Once the figure is out of the box you get to really appreciate the finer details of the figure front, back and every little nook and cranny. A first glance, the paint job is great, it is very shiny and hot rod red really stands out. The battle damage pieces add a good effect to the figure for display. They are not compared to the unreleased version of the fully battle damage Iron Man MkVII, but they are a good add on. The waist appears to have more flexibility than previous releases and my favorite enhancement comes form the newly added neck piece that allows for more movements in the neck. Even a flight post is achievable now!


Every piece has been carefully created and painted to reflect as much detail as possible, even the air flaps on the back of the figure feature a great deal of details. The articulated fingers still continue to amaze me. There is even a great deal of detail underneath the chest piece. The ease to change each part and customize the figure as desired is great with all the different options available.

The light up features are great, however I do feel the light features on the Iron Man helmet in previous releases were much better than this current release. Also, the eyes on the faceplate appear to be a little bit too big and its noticeable. Other than that, the Tony Stark headsculpt looks great, not 100% accurate but very close!


At a price $274 I had very high expectations for this figure and I have to say that I am pleased with the final product. Certainly, with that price is hard to just go out and get one, but if you are into collectibles, this is probably something of the norm.i recommend this figure to any collector!