This Week in Comics for 9/4/13

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This Week in Comics!
The list includes the different variant covers and Graphic Novels/Trade Paper Backs (TPB), Hardcovers (HC), and Softcovers (SC). Let us know if there is a title we missed, enjoy!

This is a release guide and availability may vary by retailer so check with your local shop for more accurate pricing.

Archie Comic Publications, Inc image of "Archie" characters
Archie #647
-Dan Parent Regular Cover
-Jeff Shultz Variant Cover

Betty And Veronica Double Digest #215
Sonic Super Special Magazine #8 Sticker Spectacular!
Sonic The Hedgehog #252

-Ben Bates Regular Cover
-Sega Variant Cover

Sonic The Hedgehog Select Volume 8 TPB

Charismagic Volume 2 #5 (Of 6)

-Cover A Vincenzo Cucca
-Cover B Mirka Andolfo

Absolution Rubicon #3

-Daniel Gete Electric Blue Incentive Cover
-Daniel Gete Happy Kitty Premium Cover
-Daniel Gete Regular Cover
-Daniel Gete Wraparound Cover
-Michael Dipascale Final Justice Cover

Dan The Unharmable Volume 2 TPB
God Is Dead #1 (Of 6)

-Di Amorim Pantheon Incentive Cover
-Jacen Burrows End Of Days Cover-
-Jacen Burrows Iconic Cover
-Jonathan Hickman Regular Cover

Uber #5
-Caanan White Blitzkrieg Incentive Cover
-Caanan White Regular Cover
-Caanan White Wraparound Cover
-Michael Dipascale Propaganda Poster Cover

Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein HC

BigDogInk Logo
Critter Annual #1
-Cover A Jenevieve Broomall
-Cover B J. Scott Campbell

Penny For Your Soul Joan Of Arc TPB
Shahrazad Prologue

-Cover A Mike Krome
-Cover B J. Scott Campbell
-Cover C J. Scott Campbell

12 Reasons To Die #3 (Of 6)

bongo comics logo
Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Volume 1 TPB

Deathmatch #9

-Cover A Reilly Brown
Garfield #17
-Cover A Gary Barker & Lisa Moore
Hit #1 (Of 4)
-Cover A Ryan Sook
-Cover B Erik M. Gist

Suicide Risk #5
-Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards
-Cover B Stephanie Hans

DC Board Book Superman Fights For Truth TPB
DC Super Heroes Batman Arctic Attack TPB
DC Super Heroes Batman Harley Quinn’s Shocking Surprise TPB
DC Super Heroes Superman Livewire TPB
DC Super Heroes Superman The Shrinking City TPB

Comic Shop News #1368

Red Ten #4 (Of 10)

dark horse comics logo
Adventures Into The Unknown Archives Volume 3 HC
Baltimore The Infernal Train #1 (Of 3)
Blood Blockade Battlefront Volume 4 TPB
Catalyst Comix #3 (Of 9)
Korak Son Of Tarzan Volume 2 HC
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #5
Neon Genesis Evangelion The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary Volume 1 TPB
Star Wars #1 (Of 8) – The Lucas Draft

-Doug Wheatley Variant Cover
-Jan Duursema Variant Cover
-Jenny Frison TFAW Exclusive Variant Cover
-Nick Runge Regular Cover

Dark Horse Pins
Gary Baseman Cyclops Cat Pin
Gary Baseman Eye Pin
Gary Baseman Skull And Crossbones Pin
Gary Baseman Veritas Hand Sign Pin

dc comics logo
Action Comics #23.1 – Cyborg Superman
-Aaron Kuder 2-D Standard Edition Cover)
-Aaron Kuder 3-D Motion Cover)

Ame-Comi Girls #7
American Vampire Volume 4 TPB
Animal Man Volume 3 Rotworld The Red Kingdom TPB
Batman #23.1 – The Joker

-Jason Fabok 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Jason Fabok 3-D Motion Cover

Batman And Robin #23.1 – Two-Face
-Chris Burnham 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Chris Burnham 3-D Motion Cover

Batman Black And White #1 (Of 6)
-Marc Silvestri Black & White Variant Cover
-Marc Silvestri Regular Cover
-Phil Noto Variant Cover
-We Can Be Heroes Blank Variant Cover

Batman Legends Of The Dark Knight Volume 1 TPB
Batman The Dark Knight #23.1 – The Ventriloquist

-Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray 3-D Motion Cover

DC Universe Vs The Masters Of The Universe #1 (Of 6)
-Cover A Ed Benes DC Universe
-Cover B Ed Benes Masters Of The Universe

Detective Comics #23.1 – Poison Ivy
-Jason Fabok 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Jason Fabok 3-D Motion Cover

Django Unchained #7 (Of 7)
Earth 2 #15.1 – Desaad

-Ken Lashley 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Ken Lashley 3-D Motion Cover

Fairest #19
Flash #23.1 – Grodd

-Francis Manapul 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Francis Manapul 3-D Motion Cover

Forever Evil #1 (Of 7)
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado 3-D Motion Variant Cover
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Black & White Variant Cover
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Combo Pack Cover
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Regular Cover
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Villain Variant Cover A
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Villain Variant Cover B
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Villain Variant Cover C

Green Arrow #23.1 – Count Vertigo
-Andrea Sorrentino 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Andrea Sorrentino 3-D Motion Cover

Green Lantern #23.1 – Relic
-Billy Tan 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Billy Tan 3-D Motion Cover

Green Lantern Rise Of The Third Army HC
Injustice Gods Among Us #6

-Video Game Art 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Justice League #23.1 – Darkseid
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-JIvan Reis & Joe Prado 3-D Motion Cover

Justice League Dark #23.1 – The Creeper
-Mikel Janin 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Mikel Janin 3-D Motion Cover

Justice League Of America #7.1 – Deadshot
-Tony S. Daniel & Matt Banning 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Tony S. Daniel & Matt Banning 3-D Motion Cover

Legends Of The Dark Knight #12
Necessary Evil The Villains Of The DC Universe TPB
Scooby-Doo Where Are You #37
Superman #23.1 – Bizarro

-Aaron Kuder 2-D Standard Edition Cover
-Aaron Kuder 3-D Motion Cover

Trillium #2 (Of 8)
Trinity Of Sin Pandora #2

-Ryan Sook 2nd Printing Variant Cover

DC Comics Cover Girls Batgirl Statue – $99.95

Marvel Year By Year A Visual Chronicle HC

Reggie-12 HC

Army Of Darkness Vs Hack Slash #2 (Of 6)
-Ben Templesmith Variant Cover
-Ken Haeser Subscription Variant Cover
-Stefano Caselli Regular Cover
-Tim Seeley Variant Cover

Black Bat #5
-Ardian Syaf Variant Cover
-Billy Tan Subscription Variant Cover
-Jae Lee Regular Cover

Codename Action #1 (Of 6)
-Art Baltazar Subscription Variant Cover
-Captain Action Photo Variant Cover
-Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover
-Jae Lee Black & White Variant Cover
-Jae Lee Regular Cover
-Jason Ullmeyer Regular Cover
-Johnny Desjardins Regular Cover
-Jonathan Lau Regular Cover

Danger Girl And The Army Of Darkness Volume 1 TPB
Kevin Smith’s The Bionic Man Volume 2 Bigfoot TPB
Lone Ranger Volume 6 Native Ground TPB
Lord Of The Jungle Volume 2 TPB
Lords Of Mars #2 (Of 6)

-Alex Ross Regular Cover
-Fritz Casas Risque Variant Cover
-Fritz Casas Subscription Variant Cover

Merciless The Rise Of Ming TPB
Mocking Dead #1 (Of 4)

-Bill Tortolini Regular Cover
-Max Dunbar Subscription Variant Cover

Owl #3 (Of 4)
-Alex Ross Regular Cover
-Alex Ross Sketch Variant Cover
-Ardian Syaf Subscription Variant Cover

Pantha Volume 1 The Goddess And The Dangerous Game TPB
Pathfinder Goblins #2 (Of 5)

-Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque Regular Cover
-Sean Izaakse Subscription Variant Cover

Shadow Year One #5 (Of 10)
-Blank Authentix Variant Cover
-Cover A Matt Wagner
-Cover B Alex Ross
-Cover C Chris Samnee
-Cover D Howard Chaykin
-Matt Wagner Hand-Drawn Sketch Variant Cover
-Matt Wagner Virgin Variant Cover
-Wilfredo Torres Subscription Variant Cover

Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #29
-Carlos Rafael Risque Variant Cover
-Fabiano Neves Regular Cover
-Jay Anacleto Regular Cover
-Walter Geovani Risque Variant Cover

DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #13

-Detective #601 Batmobile
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #15
-Batman And Robin #1 Batmobile
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #16
-Batman And Robin Movie Batmobile
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine Special #1
-The Dark Knight Rises The Bat

Heroic Tales The Bill Everett Archives Volume 2 HC
Love And Rockets The Covers SC

idw comics logo
Danger Girl The Chase #1 (Of 4)
-Cover A Dan Panosian
-Cover RI Loston Wallace
-Cover SUB Cosplay Photo

G.I. JOE The Cobra Files #6
-Cover A Antonio Fuso
-Cover B Werther Dell’edera
-Cover RI Riley Rossmo
G.I. JOE The Cobra Files Volume 1 TPB
Haunted Horror #6

-Cover A Bernard Baily
Judge Dredd Volume 2 TPB
Skippy Volume 2 The Complete Dailies 1928-1930 HC
X-Files Season 10 #1

-3rd Printing Variant Cover
X-Files Season 10 #2
-3rd Printing Variant Cover

image comics logo
Blackacre #10
Chew #36
Distant Soil #41
Hoax Hunters #10
Invincible #105
Invincible Universe #6
Legend Of Luther Strode Volume 2 TPB
Love Stories To Die For #1 – A One Shot Flip Book

-Cover A Rich Bonk
-Cover B Owen Gieni

Morning Glories Volume 5 TPB
Reality Check #1
Satellite Sam #3
Sheltered #3
Spawn #235

-Cover A Todd McFarlane
-Cover B Todd McFarlane

Walking Dead Volume 9 HC
Witchblade #169

-Cover A John Tyler Christopher
-Cover B Diego Bernard

Knights Of The Dinner Table Bundle Of Trouble Volume 41 TPB

James O’ Barr Uncoffined SC

-Signed Edition

Star Wars Kenobi HC

marvel comic logo
Age Of Ultron HC
All-New X-Men #16

-Adi Granov Variant Cover
-Arthur Adams Regular Cover
-Stuart Immonen Variant Cover

Avengers A.I. #3
-Dave Marquez Regular Cover
-Michael Allred Artist Variant Cover

Avengers Endless Wartime HC
Daredevil Dark Nights #4 (Of 8)
Deadpool Kills Deadpool #3 (Of 4)
Dexter #3 (Of 5)
Disney Junior Magazine #16
Emerald City Of Oz #3 (Of 5)

-Skottie Young Regular Cover
Ender’s Game Graphic Novel TPB
Guardians Of The Galaxy #5

-Mike Deodato Variant Cover
Infinity #2 (Of 6)
-Adam Kubert Regular Cover
-In-Hyuk Lee Generals Variant Cover
-Jim Cheung Design Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
-Steve McNiven Hero Variant Cover

Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath TPB
Iron Man #15
Nova Volume 1 Origin HC
Once Upon A Time Shadow Of The Queen HC – Premiere Edition
Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #3

-Mark Bagley Variant Cover
-Michael Del Mundo Regular Cover

Superior Spider-Man #17
-JG Jones Spider-Man 2099 Variant Cover
-Olivier Coipel Variant Cover
-Ryan Stegman Regular Cover

Takio #4
Venom #40
X-Factor #262
X-Men Battle Of The Atom #1 (Of 2)

-Arthur Adams Regular Cover
-Blank Variant Cover
-David Lopez Deadpool Struts Variant Cover
-Frank Cho Variant Cover
-Nick Bradshaw Variant Cover

X-Men Legacy #16

Doctor Who Bookazine #2 – The Companions

Annoying Orange Volume 3 Pulped Fiction SC
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Volume 10 The Murders In The Rue Morgue And Other Tales By Edgar Allan Poe HC
Classics Illustrated Deluxe Volume 10 The Murders In The Rue Morgue And Other Tales By Edgar Allan Poe SC
Power Rangers Megaforce Volume 3 Panic In The Parade HC
Power Rangers Megaforce Volume 3 Panic In The Parade SC

Judge Dredd Day Of Chaos Endgame GN

Compulsory Freedom Collective TPB

Star Wars Jedi Academy HC

Scream Magazine #19

Of Dice And Men HC

Crimson Empire Circumstances To Serve A Noble GN Vol. 02

Geek Magazine #8

Now On The Big Screen Unofficial And Unauthorized Guide To Doctor Who At The Cinema SC

Amazing Figure Modeler #55

Lenore Volume 5 Purple Nurples HC

-Color Edition
Star Wars Insider #144
-Newsstand Edition
-Previews Exclusive Edition

Comics And Language Reimagining Critical Discourse On The Form HC

Valiant comics logo
Quantum And Woody #3
-Juan Dove Variant Cover
-Ryan Sook Regular Cover

Shadowman #10
-Riley Rossmo Variant Cover
-Roberto De La Torre Pullbox Variant Cover
-Stephane Perger Regular Cover

Chi’s Sweet Home Volume 10

Pandora Hearts Volume 17

Dim Sum Warriors Volume 1 Enter The Dumpling

zenoscope comics logo
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Hunters The Shadowlands #4 (Of 5)
-Cover A Richard Ortiz
-Cover B Renato King
-Cover C Giuseppe Cafaro

Grimm Fairy Tales Wonderland Down The Rabbit Hole #4 (Of 5)
-Cover A Sean Chen
-Cover B Jumbo Salgado
-Cover C Greg Horn

Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed #4 (Of 6)
-Cover A Tyler Kirkham
-Cover B David Miller
-Cover C Oracle

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