THE WOLVERINE Set to Slash Collectors’ Wallets Apart

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He’s the best at what he does and what he does isn’t very nice. The editions for his Blu-rays, however, are real damn nice!

THE WOLVERINE hits home video this December and the latest film starring Hugh Jackman as the mutant Canuck is bound to have Blu-ray enthusiasts drooling. Sure, if you’re living in North America, you’ll probably just play it safe with either the Combo Pack or the 3D Collector’s Edition, but if you look afar, somewhere over the sea lays one beautiful Blu-ray edition for Wolverine’s Japanese adventure.

It’s only mid-October right now and some super-pretty edition may still pop up somewhere in North America, but as of now, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Some places you may want to consider looking are the UK (at HMV, specifically), South Korea and Italy (and I’m sure many others to come) if you’re hoping to own THE WOLVERINE in a fancy SteelBook format. If a plain-Jane SteelBook isn’t your thing and you’re looking for something a little flashier, you’re just in luck; France will offer one sure-to-be nice-looking lenticular SteelBook while Saturn and MediaMarkt in Germany will be offering an alternate lenticular SteelBook. Personally, I’m already down for the HMV one from the UK, but I’m kind of hankering for those France and Germany lenticular SteelBooks, too. There’s just something about steel and Logan that goes together so well.

If shiny dentable/scratchable packaging isn’t your cup of tea, take a look over at FilmArena in the Czech Republic who’s releasing a fancy Limited Collector’s Edition which features a DigiPack, art cards and an awesome box which stores all those extra goodies. Yes, there’s definitely going to be a tough selection to choose from.

Then there’re the slipcovered store exclusives which are bound to pop up. Target in the US already has an exclusive listed while Amazon in the UK has an exclusive slipcover with mini comic book that you can buy. If you’re one of those ‘go big or go home’ type of people, you also have a couple X-Men anthologies to choose from; the X-MEN AND THE WOLVERINE COLLECTION box set or THE ADAMANTIUM COLLECTION which includes a replica of Wolverine’s hand and claws.

So, whatcha waiting for, bub; get online and start clicking the good ol’ ‘add to cart’ button! Your wallet may hate you in the end, but I’m sure you’ll be smiling!


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