SDCC 2015: Mondo x SteelBook news

San Diego Comic Con 2015 (July 9-12) saw the release of some really nice Mondo prints including CRIMSON PEAK, JAWS, AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, ANT-MAN, GODZILLA, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, ALIENS, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, and my personal favorite, a WYTCHES print by Jock. Including prints, Mondo had their vinyls on display with SUPERMAN and ALIENS exclusives released during the show as well as Madballs pins. Mondo always releases quality prints and their booth is always busy, so if you were lucky enough to attend and snag any of these, then you are in exclusive territory. A full list of prints and vinyls released can be found on their website.

Also sharing space at the Mondo booth this year was a Mondo x SteelBook display as well as Scanavo’s creative marketing director, Nick Coughlan. On preview night, I had the opportunity to meet Nick and I was able to see in hand photos of some of the upcoming releases including THE THING, SHAUN OF THE DEAD, FLASH GORDON, and EX MACHINA which, with its texture, is by far my favorite.
















I was able to pick Nick’s brain for a bit and we discussed many things from the decision to put text on the top of PAN’S LABYRINTH in order to pay homage to the Spanish language roots of the movie (which was a tribute Nick was really passionate about) to changes that were made from a print to the final art on a certain title because of too much blood splatter as well as additional blood splatter that was supposed to go around the edges that had to be removed. Even minute details such as the alignment of THE THING’s title on the SteelBook itself with the plastic slipcover and the fact that they needed to add the director’s name to the slipcover were discussed. Most interesting to me was learning a certain movie studio’s demands for keeping things off the cover and a certain distributor stepping in on Mondo and Scanavo’s behalf to make the studio realize the error of their ways.

You can tell lots of thought goes into these releases; Nick and the guys at Scanavo and Mondo really care about making a great quality product that has reinvigorated yours truly back into the SteelBook game.

With the initial success of these releases, hopefully we will begin seeing more movie studios and distributors get on board with the Mondo x SteelBook line.

One final tidbit: open these steels and enjoy them. Don’t keep them sealed. Literally, the actual purpose of the slipcover is to protect the SteelBooks so that you can put them on and take them off your shelf without damaging them.

Visit our Mondo x SteelBook section here or if you are a collector of Mondo’s prints, you can join the discussion here.

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