PS3 Update Adds Blu-ray Theme Support

Many folks know that a couple of weeks ago, the PlayStation 3 came with another firmware update — Version 2.60.  While most internet gamer news sites spread the information about how it added a new flashy photo album, ability to create sub folders, support for divx 3.11 and more, not many commented on the fact that it also added Blu-ray Theme Support!  Blu-ray theme support? Uh, what?  I know; I kind of wondered myself until I realized the only title currently supporting this is PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

For those who dont know, and those who do, PS3 owners can currently go inside the PSN (Playstation Network Store) and download free and purchased themes to create a wallpaper/interactive background for their PS3’s xross bar.  However, going forward, many Blu-rays will offer a free theme with the Blu-ray disc in which the consumer can then download/upload as their current theme.  Nothing huge, but I give a big thumbs-up to more free extra content loaded on that BD that I just bought!  I would assume Sony Pictures will start utilizing this a lot more. Hopefully the other studios will do the same.  🙂

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