South Park 12th Season Coming to Blu-ray

Fans of SOUTH PARK should be happy to know that starting in March, the new season will be broadcasting entirely in HD.  Obviously this is great news going forward for future Blu-ray releases, and thus our news that the twelfth season will also be its first release on the Blu-ray disc format.

SOUTH PARK: THE COMPLETE UNCENSORED TWELFTH SEASON is  already up for pre-order at the Comedy Central Web site. Staying true to the Blu and massive disc storage, it will include a mini commentary and featurettes.


With a scheduled release date of March 10th this blu-ray’s specs are as listed.

Runtime: 5 Hr. 8 Min.
Languages: English Subtitled
Video: 1080p
Audio: 5.1 Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital, Stereo
US Rating: N/R

Blu-ray Features:

• Featurette: The Making of ‘Major Boobage’ Disc One
• Featurette: Six Days to South Park — The Sixth Day (About Last Night)
• Featurette: Behind-the-Scenes: About Last Night – HD Disc Three

I do believe there will be more features and will update accordingly when news breaks.

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