Blu-ray Home Theater Surround Sound Bar

Blu-ray sound bar? Yes, you did hear correctly. Over the last few years, sound bars have become growingly popular and with popularity comes innovation or perhaps in this case, integration. It was only a matter of time before the first Blu-ray Sound Bar hit the market. The Samsung BD-HT8200 just recently released at CES 2009 is damn near a complete home theater package with a built in Blu-ray player.


But what about the sub? Awww, the beauty of wireless; the sub can be placed or hidden anywhere in the room without the annoyance of hiding speaker wire or performing that meticulous “wire management” you want to brag about. ‘Cause let’s face it; no wires at all is a lot more to gloat about 🙂

Samsung promises the sound bar will be able to provide a virtual 5.1 surround sound experience in smaller rooms. It’s also quite small at 2.6″ deep. The devide also features “Smart Volume” where if it ever becomes too loud, the “Smart Volume” Technology will kick in and adjust to an even feel. Another plus is that it will read media files from portable devices (Zunes/iPods, etc.) which can be plugged into the BD-HT8200’s usb ports or connected via bluetooth.

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