JCVD! He’s Bacccckk!!! Release Date Streeted for Blu-ray! – *Update*

Oh my o’ my, where has he been? Meh, not too far away, just sitting on your local blockbuster shelves. You know, those B movies that he’s been dropping for the past what? 10 years? In any case, critics are claiming this movie should propel Jean Claude Van Damme back into semi-stardom on the big screen again … (We’ll see) I for one would love to see it, flicks like Kickboxer and Sudden Death and Hard Target were just pure vintage action classics for myself long ago and I’m sure others have their favorites as well as he has a huge library of films he has starred in.


What makes this film different? In this film he plays himself, a down on his luck actor struggling to stay afloat who then returns home to Belgium to escape stateside drama what with money troubles, taxes etc. Only home isn’t home anymore and he winds up in a hostage situation … I know, it sounds cliche but it must be played out VERY well for critics to look over the somewhat generic plot. However what did you expect? At some point you knew he had to kick some ass and take some names! Alright, now bring on a revival of Wesley Snipes while we’re at it!

Peace Arch Home Entertainment releases the Blu-ray on April 28th

UPDATE: I’ve been told this title is already for rent at Blockbusters.

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