Blu-Spec CDs

Thats right, not Blu-rays. Blu-Spec Cd is the name of the format. So I guess its not too far away before we see Blu-Cds … You may wonder, how can it be a blu-cd if traditional cd players are red laser? Well our good ol’ buddies at Sony have created a way for red laser cd players to read these blu-layered discs harnessing blu-ray technology.  An easy way to think of this is that  the red laser players will see layer one where the blu-spec players would see  layer two with the end result with them being compatible with all players.

These CDs have an improved blue-laser disc mastering process which coupled with the use of higher quality polycarbonate polymers in the disc itself produces finely etched pits that are easier for an old red laser to read. Sony has introduced the first 60 titles in Japan last December, Im pretty curious how their doing. Also, this is not the Blu-ray 3.0 Profile (BD-Audio) people have talked about.  Since Blu-spec CDs utilize the same high molecular polycarbonate material and ultra precision Blue Laser Diode cutting process that is why they got the name Blu-Spec as they are not Blu-rays.  If these were to gain popularity it would however cut costs on Blu-rays as their would be more than one format being made by alot of the same processes.

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