Stunt 101 : The Hi-Def Era!

So you think your stuntin’ in that fly ride of yours with screens in the headrest? Oh my bad, your from the south and you got screens in your visors, doors and even when you pop trunk you got a 19″ !?  Or are you the savvy businessman speeding off in his BMW with all the tech gadgets in his ride? Oh, I’m sorry your just the average Soccer mom with a flip down screen for the kiddies for long trips.

Whatever your lifestyle, there is a new way to “Stunt” … but our friends in the Japan get first dibs with the world’s first ever mini Blu-ray Player!  Mitsubishi has created a player that is just 1/3 the size of your conventional player with the main intention for automotive use.  The 1DIN prototype is the smallest in the industry and is planned to be released in the company’s car navigation system.  Ofcourse, that doesn’t mean you cant get one and customly install it in your system yourself.  On the other hand, you could already being doing this with a much larger bulkier player on the market today.


However, what Mitsubishi is offering is something totally different.  Mitsubish Electric plans to commericialize the device by March 2010 as part of their new in car HD-Entertainment system that includes an advanced TV Receiver made for cars in particular.

Hi-Def Blu-ray In Cars … Sweetness!

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