The Watchmen : Tales of the Black Freighter & Under The Hood Tech Specs Revealed! Plus News On The Official Watchmen Blu-ray Release!

Although I have touched base on this title before, HERE. I figured I would clear up a little bit of confusion that some people have scratched their heads about.  Alot of Blu-fans have heard about The Watchmen Motion Comic blu-ray being released direct to blu-ray on March 3rd with the theatrical version hitting theaters nationwide March 6th. That is correct, along with Wonder Woman Motion Comic releasing direct to Blu-ray March 3rd.  

Now, what also needs to be said is that The Watchmen Motion Comic : The Tales of the black freighter & Under The Hood (2 Motion Comics on one blu-ray) is also being released. This one however is after the nation wide theatrical version and releases on Blu-ray March 24th.  A smart move on their behalf since it will include some bonus footage in the special features from the Theatrical version that obviously wont come till after this blu-ray.  Speaking of the theatrical version, read below for some great news!

Breaking News: It has been heard that when The Watchmen gets slated and released for later this year on Blu-ray it will include quite a few versions much like “Fearless” on blu-ray.  You will have The Theatrical Cut, plus the Directors Cut and if thats not enough for ya’ you will also be blessed with another version of  The Watchmen with “Tales of the Black Freighter” footage incorporated within it.  The theatrical runs at 2 hours & 36 minutes, the directors cut runs at 3 hours & 10 minutes and the “ultimate cut” as we like to call it … clocks in at  3 hours & 25 minutes. 

Given that the Black Freighter is 61 minutes long which may be including time of “Under the Hood” as well still lets you believe that even tho the “ultimate cut” will include parts from Black Freighter it wont include it all in its entirety … So buy that one too Watchmen fans! Haha.

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, here are the tech specs for Black Freighter/Under The Hood that I have just received from Warner Bros official press release.  They didnt list the audio specs for this release but hopefully I hear back from them shortly.  Obviously, this is 1080p goodness!


Feature Content:

Tales of the Black Freighter (Rated R)
Under The Hood (Rated PG)

Enhanced Content:

Story with a story – Exploring a comic within a comic concept in Watchmen
Watchmen Motion Comic : Chapter 1
A First look at DC Comics new Animated Green Lantern DVD … Perhaps future Blu-ray!?
Includes Digital Copy of both Motion Comics

BD-Live Features:

The “Why of Watchmen” with Executive Producer and Director Zach Snyder
The Two Bernies – Additional footage from The Watchmen film not seen in theaters

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