Far Cry Movie Blu-ray?! It seems true!

Not a whole lot to report here except for hype! I noticed the amazon germany has a blu-ray coming out on the much acclaimed video game “Far Cry”. Sure video games get made into movies alot, but they usually come with a theatrical release. Seems like Far Cry (which looks explosive by the trailer 😉 is coming straight to blu. Good news for Far Cry german fans but sweet news if a US or UK release follows not long after! Anyways, just thought this was a cool little peice of blu-news I stumbled upon and figured I’d share with my gaming fans alike. What’s your thoughts on this? Is this a sign of things to come? Alot more straight to video movies based on video games?


fcYay! Hotties!far-cry

The film comes out in Germany on April 24th and it doesnt seem to have english as a ported language unless im reading that german amazon page wrong 😉  … So bring on the US release!

Official Site: HERE!
Amazon Page: HERE!

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