Speculation: Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray Release Date!?

Everyone has heard the question, “When is LOTR coming to blu-ray?” Although I’m not writing this today with a date in hand, I do however have some interesting information.  It’s been reported that FYE (An electronics store in the mall mostly selling media) is allegedly already taking preorders for release of this blu-ray in December of this year.  There’s been alot of rumors of Jackson stating LOTR coming to blu in 09 so this could be case in point or it could just be a bad marketing ploy on behalf of FYE.  Either way, I figured I’d pass along the news and if we get any more specifics will be sure to fill you in.


So yes, this LOTR blu-ray case is fake and not official 😉  But you know it looks pretty 🙂



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