And So It Begins … BlockBuster Rolls Out Previously Previewed Blu’s

Unless you were living under a rock during the last 10 years then you have heard of the DVD format. On top of that, most people know that Block Buster has always sold what they deem “Previously Previewed” aka used rentals DVDs. Well it was only a matter of time before the Blu-rays hit the market as well. The price tag? 16.99 seems to be all we can conjure up but I do plan on hitting up Block Buster this week so I’ll follow up an update on this post later on. However, if you know of them being cheaper, drop us a comment! Seems they are still packaged in their ugly previewed cases, if they got a good deal @ 12.99 it might merit a purchase by myself and just buy a 10 pack of Blu-ray empty amaray cases. Ofcourse, many people dont care about the case but I’m an anal rententive wh0re. ;-p


Hey look, they spelled Blu-ray wrong too! Ofcourse, so do we …  But our “e” stands for Entertainment 🙂

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