Blu-ray Licensing to Cut Cost!

The economy this, the economy that, everybody knows the economy is crap!  Now what’s a better way to help out the economy in the wonderful wolrd of blu-ray? Lower costs? You betcha, but to really help blu-ray and the consumer then the licensees need to take a cut of their cost, correct?  Well negotiations are currently being made as the blu-ray license isnt owned by just one company, infact it’s owned by Sony, Phillips and Panasonic. 

Each blu-ray player will need a license fee more in line around $9.50.  A blu-ray recorder at or around $14.  Oh, and who could forget those discs we all spend our dead presidents on, 11 cents for a read only Blu-ray disc, 12 cents for a write once one, and 15 cents for the rewritable disc.  These are the speculated numbers currently in negotiations.

So what does this mean for you and I?  Lower costs to produce should result in lower costs to the consumer … hopefully agreements are made atleast in time for black friday deals.

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