Is Netflix out of their mind?

Back in October the rental service Netflix decided to charge a $1 premium for all those subscribers that opted for Blu-ray rentals and the reasoning behind this increase was that Blu-ray was more expensive to purchase than DVD. Of course with the thousands of subscribers paying this extra $1 one would only think that Netflix would increase their library and Blu-rays would come more available and the long waits for a new release would be cut down, well wrong the wait is still long for some and Netflix has just announced a new gouge this April.

Starting April 27, the online rental company will charge anywhere from an additional $1 to a whopping $9 a month for Blu-ray rentals depending on the plan. For example, the $4.99/month option allowing one movie at a time will cost an additional $1, and the $47.99/month option granting eight movies at a time will cost $9 extra.

In this economy can you really justify this Netflix? subscribers are already complaining on this new scheme is certainly going to lose business for Netflix, with the prices of Blu-ray and their anti-scratch resistance should allow them to last longer.