Samsung BD-P1600 Releases and Priced At $299

This past month Samsung released two new Blu-ray players that have been scheduled for release this year. The Samsung BD-P1600 and Samsung BD-P3600. The P4600, the showstopper of the line up, will release this month and got priced at $499.  However, the BD-P1600 is “Anything But Basic” like their slogan says.  Priced at $299 its also very affordable.  The P1600 is wi-fi compatible but seperate purchase of a wi-fi dongle is required where as the 3600-4600 come included. That’s where the bulk of the price drop occurs, so if wi-fi is not needed and your in access for it to be hard wired for Live or dont care for BD-Live then you can enjoy the extra savings there and upgrade in the future if need be.


Then what excact features does this puppy have? Well, for one it offers multi-format disc playback with capabilities of playing BD, CD, DVD, MP3, JPEG, AVCHD, CD-R, CD-RW and the conveinence of two usb ports. Full 1080p HD playback of Blu-ray Discs, smooth detailed upconversion of DVDs and 1.3 HDMI output. For many, this can be considered a bare boned BD player but compared to all the tech out not and the players of prior years this one covers it all or can cover it all in the future if other features interest you by purchasing a dongle. This is the new sub-standard of BD-players.

Like many Samsung BD players it comes in the silky piano gloss look.


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