Lord Of The Rings Blu-ray SteelBook Trilogy Coming This Year

Our friends over at www.bluraysteelbooks.com have announced a finding of The Lord of The Rings getting SteelBook treatment at amazon.de (German)  If your not hip to what SteelBook is then let me explain.  SteelBook is something you may have seen before without paying too much attention to it.  It’s when you see a Blu-ray that comes in a metal/tin case … ala Steel.  There have been plenty of these made on the DVD format, and the more commonly seen ones on the Blu-ray format  in the USA would be the James Bond releases that they have/had at Best Buy.  SteelBooks are a niche market for collectors and die hard enthusiasts so to speak.  They also come and at a more heftier price tag, especially when importing.

bluraysteelbooks.com have noted that although we say the trilogy is coming, it is however coming in individual releases as opposed to one SteelBook with all three movies inside.

The three are set to be releases on November 27th, but with a date so far out all that is subject to change.

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