Sony going Wireless with the S560

Sony have annouced that they will be releasing a wireless blu-ray player to the market. The BD-Live feature found on many Blu-ray players is one which is likely to continue to grow, however to use it, your player must be connected to the Internet and up until now, this had to have been done using an Ethernet cable.

The player’s wireless Internet connection is designed to give fast access to all the downloadable content made available via a disc’s BD-Live capability. Also if you have a DLNA-enabled camera or PC, you’ll be able to stream pictures and display them on your TV too.

Sony have also speeded up the start up time to an impressive six seconds. The player has a USB slot, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD decoding.

The Sony BDP-S560 is due for launch in July in the USA at a price of $349 and also being released at the same time is the Sony BDP-S360 which offers the same specification without the built-in Wi-Fi at a cost of $300. So for a extra $49 you are getting built in wi-fi.

The S360 has also been announced for Europe, however no similar announcement has been made for the S560.