Gremlins and Gremlins 2 Coming to Blu-ray!

It shouldn’t be long that Gremlins fans can rejoice over the newly remastered hi-def releases of part 1 and 2 on Blu-ray!  Gremlins was an 80’s favorite for those not old enough to remember.  The movie was released in 1984 and features the cute furball mogwai (Gizmo) that when when wet multiplies and releases some bad ill tempered brothers but when they get ahold of some food after midnight they turn into … well … you see the picture dont you? 🙂  Gremlins!


First reported by, Director Joe Dante sat down with the site to discuss his possible sequel remake of the 80’s classic.  He later went on to reveal that he was personally overseeing the new digital remasters of both movies from Warner Home Video.

“I’ve seen the transfer” Dante said. “Infact, we did them over.  I think Gremlins’ was supposed to come out this summer because it’s the 25th anniversary, but Warner didn’t make the date because they said, “We can do better than this, we can make it look better” and its worth making it look better, so they’re still working on it.”

Director Joe Dante & Gremlin

Director Joe Dante & Gremlin

Dante also did mention on what the supplements for the discs could be but was only quoted as saying that it would more than likely just be that of the DVD release’s special features.  However, quite possibly a really popular Gremlins Video Parody Spoof from youtube.

Hurry up Warner!  We’re waiting!

The Loving Furball :  Gizmogremlins

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