The Great Buck Howard Coming To Blu-ray!

The one, the only, “The Great Buck Howard” is heading to Blu-ray on July 21st. You may or may not recognize that scrawny kid, it’s Forest Gump offspring. That’s right, the son of Tom Hanks, Colin Hanks. Oh, and who could forget that devious John Malkovich (Con Air, In The Line Of Fire) The film is produced under Tom Hank’s Playtone and he actually has a small role in the film as well being the disapproving father. John Malkovich plays a mentalist, not a magician. Howard had appeared on the late show 61 times and now he is “behind his times”. Law school drop out Colin Hanks decides to take on being his road manager in search for Howard’s chance at the limelight once more. Cameo’s from John Stewart and Conana O’brien add for extra treat in a film that is SURE to bring you alot of laughs. Directed by Sean McGinly the film is rated PG and runs for 90 minutes. We’ll update when we get word from Magnolia on the special features & audio tracks for this blu ray release.

As you can see we dont have official box art yet and below is just a look at the DVD release.


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