Watchmen coming to Blu-ray in July?

As you know rumors spread like wildfires in the Internet and for some days now people have been speculating the release of the film Watchmen will be on July 28th. I am sure this rumor  will continue until there’s an official statement by Warner. There’s images on the net with cover box art which shows it as being a Director’s Cut, this would be great news for those not looking to double dip and have been waiting to see what Snyder took off the theatrical cut.

Personally I can’t wait for this release as I enjoyed the film, the complexity of the story and the action were outstanding. I am a fan of Snyder and what he is able to do as a director. Here’s a picture of the box art that is circulating on the net, we are not sure whether this is real or not. I guess time will tell, we’ll keep you posted!


On other news, there’s a report online that Terminator: Salvation Blu-ray will include 30-40 minutes of extra deleted footage from the film. I know the film isn’t even out on theaters yet, but I am going to follow along because I am so looking forward to this!!