New Giveaway! Battlefield 1943 Keys!

That’s right folks, we have 3 keys to download the full version of Battlefield 1943 for PS3. I got a chance to check out the game is absolutely gorgeous and let’s not forget very fun! Isn’t that what we all looking for? 🙂

Anyways here’s the rules. Just leave a comment in this post with your forum ID  and on Sunday, after the Lakers game, I will hand pick 3 lucky winners. Easy right? The code is not valid yet as the game has not been released yet. A special entry will be provided for Kotton (Adam) our favorite law enforcer!

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Goodguy and Dattebayo (my brother) for the time spent on getting a hold of these keys and donating them to BRC to give away to its members.

UPDATE: We have the winners!!

Sorry it took me so long to draw the winners, I just got back from watching the game. What a match! I think I skipped a couple of heartbeats at the end of regulation! Two more games away from the championship to go! 🙂

Anyways off to what we were waiting for. Here are the winners!

1. Zeusplay
2. Caliblue15
3. Glenn-Bob

I will be sending you the keys to your PSN ID, thanks again to Dattebayo and Goodguy for the keys! We’ll be coming back with some more giveaways in the future so stay tuned!