Black Crowes Live On Blu-ray!

Eagle Rock Entertainment is bringing the Black Crowes: WarPaint Live on Blu-ray this July 14th, the DVD version will be available on two (2) weeks before on June 30th. This concert was originally released on a two (2) CD set will now make its way to high definition. This release cannot come at a better time for fans of the band as their new CD is set to hit store shelves on September 1st. Currently there is no technical specifications or supplements for this release. However, the track list is detailed below!

Track List:
1.) Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
2.) Walk Believer Walk
3.) Oh Josephine
4.) Evergreen
5.) We Who See The Deep
6.) Locust Street
7.) Movin’ On Down The Line
8.) Wounded Bird
9.) God’s Got It
10.) There’s Gold In Them Hills
11.) Whoa Mule
12.) Poor Elijah – Tribute To Johnson
13.) Darling Of The Underground Press
14.) Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye
15.) Don’t Know Why
16.) Torn And Frayed
17.) Hey Grandma