Its Time for Football! 2 New NFL Blu-ray Releases on the way!

I guess you Chi-town fans can see what one of this is eh?  Not that I have no love for the Packers 😉 (Which is the other Blu-ray release) but I figured the Bears could bless the image for the post what with the acquisition of Jay “Long Ball” Cutler!

Ofcourse, my lowly Texans will never see a Blu-release :-p … But here’s to hoping!

On  September 22nd WB will release on Blu-ray “NFL: Green Bay Packers Heroes” and following that up on October 6th with “NFL: A Tradition of Defense – The Chicago Bears”  No word on any extras or what they pertain besides the obstute obversation of their titles names.  We’ll keep ya’ posted.

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