PopcornHour C200 arrives this month

PopcornHour has announced its latest media streamer, the C200, that will ship this month. It’s quite the improvement from the company’s previous models, this time adding a drive bay for a Blu-ray drive, DVD or a hard disk drive. Pushed by a 667 MHz Sigma SMP8643 processor, the C200 supports more than 30 audio and video codecs as well as a variety of video partner sites such as CNN, CBS and Youtube. Some other new features include a wireless RF remote, a gigabit Ethernet connection, AVCHD support and plenty of connection options. The latter include HDMI 1.3, dual SATA connectors, four USB 2.0, component, composite, s-video and a miniPCI card slot designed for an 802.11 draft-n Wi-Fi card. PopcornHour C200 will hit for around $299.


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