Disney Reveals New Details On UP!

Disney has revealed more details regarding the release of the Pixar animated picture UP. The film will be released on November 10th, same day as the DVD. A special limited edition of the film, Up: Luxo Jr. Collectible Desk Lamp Set which comes with a replica Luxo Jr. desk lamp with storage base, will also be released simultaneously. Also the Blu-ray release will be packaged in a BD/DVD combo.

Technical & Video Specs
Blu-ray BD50 @ 1080p/MPEG4-AVC 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio

English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 Surround

English SDH

Disc Features

  • Audio Commentary: Director Pete Docter
  • 2 Animated Shorts: “Doug’s Special Mission” & “Partly Cloudy”
  • Adventure is Out There: Documentary chronicling the filmmakers’ journey to South America
  • The Many Endings of Muntz: Witness the demise of Charles Muntz with an unseen alternate take
  • 8 Documentaries
  • Geography Game
  • Global Guardian Badge Game
  • Cine-Explore
  • Digital Copy