Onkyo DV-DB507 Comes to the US!

Onkyo has just released the DV-DB507 Blu-ray Player which should be able to be had now with a retail price of $449 and appears to be same specification as the European version launched in late June. Sadly the UK the player costs around the £279 mark, meaning even at the standard MSRP US retail price the USA version is cheaper even before any promotions.

Designed to cosmetically appeal and aesthetically fit in with Onkyo’s range of A/V receivers, it’s just 16cm in height and 4.8kg in weight. The player packs HDMI 1.3a, a 1080/24p output and DVD upscaling to 1080p, decoding for both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and it’s BD-Live enabled. Like the Euro-machine, the Onkyo’s guts include a 150Mhz/12-bit DAC and a 192Khz/24-bit Audio DAC for top quality audio and video performance. additionally, the player also has an SD memory card slot which can playback DivX-HD and AVCHD file formats.


So, what is it lacking? Well, absent from the spec sheet is the ability to play any high-end audio discs, (SACD) plus the disappearance of analogue audio. Still, Onkyo has a great reputation and tons of fanboys which is sure to provide the DV-BD507 with high regard.

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