Wow check out This Is Spinal Tap Limited Edition!

The classic rockumentary This is Spinal Tap is coming to Blu-ray in the UK on the September 7th, just in time for the movie’s 25th Anniversary. The single disc Blu-ray will be joined by a 5-disc limited edition set which will totally rock for any fan of Rob Reiner’s comedy. Packaged in a numbered ‘ampifier’ style case, here’s what it contains.

DVD disc 1-3:

Audio commentary with the band.
This is Spinal Tap: Up to 11. A brand new retrospective running 43 minutes.
“Sprinkle some ****in’ fairy dust on it. A 6 minute interview with Reg Presley of The Troggs.
Stonehenge interviews with Nigel.
Trailers, music videos, outakes and featurettes.
The Return of Spinal Tap. Their Royal Albert Hall concert.

Blu-ray disc:

The fully remastered movie in 1080p and an aspect ratio of 1.85:1. Audio will be DTS-HD Master 5.1 and PCM 2.0.

Bonus Disc:

The original This is Spinal Tap soundtrack on CD.
Optimum claim 5 hours of bonus content makes up this new edition, plus all discs will be presented in a Stonehenge digipack and there will be seven original art cards too. If this wasn’t enough, a working, custom Marshall amplifier which can be used as an iPod speaker is also inside the box. And yes, the dial will go up to 11!


Available in the UK the retail price for the limited edition is £69.99.

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