Mitsubishi Reveals Blu-ray DVRs

Recently in Japan popular electronics maker Mitsubishi has debuted a few Blu-ray DVRs.  Already looking and sounding amazing, let me fill you in!  Their elite DVR of the trio is the DVR-BZ330 which comes with a HD chip powered super resolution upconversion and 1TB of built in memory!!!  The mid range (BZ230) whilst not packing the super resolution chip comes with 500GB of built-in memory.  Last but not least is the DVR-BV530 with typical blu-ray capabilities and VHS playback but no recording.  Wow, VHS?  The DVRs will be available in October and will run ¥120,000 ($1,270) for the DVR-BV530 to ¥180,000 ($1,915) for the elite DVR-BZ330.


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