Sony Releases its Newest Blu-Ray Recorder with a Gigantic 2TB Hard Drive


The BDZ-EX200 is slated for release in Japan sometime in November but four other models are expected this month. The BDZ-RX100 comes with a 1TB drive, the BDZ-RX50 with 500GB, and the BDZ-RX30 and BDZ-RS10 each with 320GB of disk space. All of these recorders come equipped with twin tuners that allows you to record two programs at once, except for the BDZ-RS10 which only has one.

They have also included an updated version of the Creativity Reality Empowering Architecture by Sony, understandably dubbed as CREAS2. It allows SD and HD video to be upscaled in order to improve the image. Variable bit rate encoding is also enforced with these models saving up disk space in certain parts of the film.

Additional features include better video interpolation, smoothing, and noise reduction. It is also possible to effortlessly convert and transfer your recorded videos into your portable devices like the PSP or mobile phone. The top 3 models (EX200, RX100, RX50) can also connect other devices with LAN ports, making it possible to send the recorded content to other devices on your network.

It is also possible to upload videos from your handycams to these recorders via a USB cable then burn it direct to a blu-ray disc. You can even edit and enhance the videos or images x-Pict Story HD software that is already embedded. Adding menus and thumbnails are effortless and adds a little bit of pizazz to your own recordings.

These recorders are expected to be priced at $1000 for the RS10, $1200 for the RX30, $1500 for the RX50, $1800 for the RX100, and $2800 for the EX200.