Sony Releases Its Latest Wireless HDTV in Japan

Sony has just released their monstrous wireless HDTV, labeled the Bravia ZX5, in Japan as the successor to the ZX1 series. The models under the Bravia ZX5 comes with either a 46 or 52 inch screen and utilized LED backlighting. These boxes also have upgraded capabilities as they are able to play 1080p video at the full 60 frames per second (a nice match for your top of the line Blu-ray player, dont u think?), a missing feature in the ZX1 since it can only play 1080i video signals. The ZX5 sets can even achieve the more recent 240Hz refresh rate to minimize the possibility of eye strain to the viewers.


The ZX5 series comes with a TV station hub where all the necessary connections can be made so that the screen is totally wireless (except for the power line, of course). In the hub, you can find four HDMI slots, VGA, S-video, a pair or RCA, and a pair of D5 component equivalent slots. It also has an LAN port so that you can connect to your network and use DLNA streaming or even to the internet and watch videos online.

The ZX5 models will be available in stores within Japan on the 20th of November with prices set at $4937 and $5581 respectively. The US release is still not clear for now but it will surely be in the near future.