Sound Bar Blu-Ray Player from LG Coming This November

Are you the type of person who hates the wires that are running behind your player? If you are then you might like to look at the LG Sound Bar Blu-Ray player. A sound bar contains all the circuitry needed to process the sound along with an amplifier and the speakers needed to reproduce the sound. The thin frame of the LG player can belt out 430 watts and it is meant to act by itself in reproducing a pseudo surround sound effect, but LG added a wireless subwoofer to add a little bit more power.

lgThe HLB54S from LG is one of the top of the line Blu-Ray players capable of displaying 1080p video signals. It is also capable of upscaling DVD video by itself to provide an enhanced image that is as close to 1080p as possible. It packs an integrated WiFi adapter to even lessen the number of wires in your system and uses DLNA streaming to connec to to other devices and even to view online streaming videos.

But in case you really to use wires, the HLB54S also comes with two HDMI ports so that you can connect other devices that have no other means of connecting. LG has also thrown in an iPod dock just so iPod owners would not have to purchase and connect a separate one.

There is still no news of a US release data but it has been scheduled for a UK release on November with an undisclosed price tag.