Toshiba 2160p Cell Regza LED TV With Built In Blu-ray Player!

Toshiba has confirmed to Australian publication Smarthouse that the 2160p Cell LED TV will hit shelves soon in both Japan and Australia. First tipped at CES 2009, the Cell TV uses the same 64-bit Cell Broadband Engine used by the Sony Playstation 3, can record 6 HD TV channels at once to its built-in 1 TB storage unit, and includes a Blu-ray player. 2160p resolution is actually 3 times greater than 1080p, and the Cell Regza can in fact scale 1080p content to 3840 x 2160 pixels. As for a full list of specifications, Toshiba says they will be released “within days”, and not surprisingly, the TV will be fairly expensive. The Cell TV will begin selling Japan in December 2009 and Australia in 2010. It will also be on display in Las Vegas at CES 2010.


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