This December, LOST Season 5 Blu Ray: LOST University


This December the 8th, LOST, Season 5, takes Blu Ray by storm with an exclusive BD-Live enhanced online experience, titled “LOST University”, from abc.

Your “LOST: The Complete Fifth Season” Blu Ray disc will take you into the unmatched and exclusive world of the ‘LOST University’, visits to which are powered by BD-Live technology. As a ‘student’ connecting to this unique interface, you can expect to be given immediate access to your own customized lesson plans, in-depth high-def audio-visual content, and real time communication from faculty and staff at LOST University.

Improving on the student experience, besides the expected advanced courses on LOST, pop quizzes and assignments, you can buy LOST U merchandise from the campus bookstore, share the learning experiences and your personal “LOST’ theories with study-groups enabled by the LOST University message boards.

Would-be students can also opt to warm up for the LOST U experience beforehand at, with refresher modules on story, characters and suggested reading for advanced learning. Armed with the knowledge and experience from LOST University, you can plunge into the world of LOST fully updated for the events of the final season.
LOST University seeks to enhance the LOST world, not just explain it, or serve as a medium. You, the viewer, will find pieces to the LOST puzzle with each visit, and the picture gets clearer each time, Semester after semester, LOST University will lead you down into the mythos, the philosophy, history and mysteries of the most intriguing series to ever be televised.

A sneak peek at the courses in order reveals the following, among many others:

The Languages of LOST
Deciphering Hieroglyphics
Jungle Survival Basics
Family Psychology
Philosophy 101
Art of LOST Seminar

Enrollment has already begun at, so don’t forget to book your admission before December 8, 2009 when the Blu Rays arrive in stores, and courses commence!

“LOST: The Complete Fifth Season” Blu Rays will be tentatively priced  at $79.99, and that’s a bargain for a course of this magnitude, right?