LG’s HB954SP iPod Blu Ray Home Cinema System

We all know that Hollywood looks a lot better on a Blu Ray disc, no matter what Steve Jobs might feel about Blu. Now take that quality and put it into a Home Cinema System that brings crystal clear HD, 5.1 channel high-end audio and tweaking, online content, stylishly designed with a docking/charging feature for iPods and iPhones. Haha, Mr.Jobs. This Thursday, LG did just that.

THe LG HB954SP Blu-Ray Home Cinema System brings an appetizing array of features to your home Hollywood experience.

The bluish-black Home Cinema System (HCS) has Blu Ray technology, full HD 1080p playback, full HD upscaling, and five little oval speakers and a sub-woofer that complement the overall design. So, you get to watch your collection of DVDs and your mint-fresh Blu Rays in the maximum screen detail possible, and with the clearest sound. For sound, LG has roped in the services of global high-end audio brand and tuners Mark Levinson for this 1000W machine, for perfection in sound clarity and the best movie experience.

HB954SP 5 1ch-front+ipod

It’s the duty of any self-respecting HCS to offer more than the discs, so LG gives you one-click access to 2.5 billion videos you never bought, but might want to watch… yes, we’re talking everyone’s favorite video-sharing portal, YouTube. It’s also equipped with BD-Live to watch all the downloadable content and extras for every Blu Ray movie you buy. That’s a relief, some manufacturers take all your money and think it’s no use giving BD-Live with their Blu Ray players.

The HB954SP’s remote controls the iDock feature, which slides out and lets you slide in an iPod/iPhone, charging it while you listen to your iMusic downloaded from iTunes. iLike.

The online features can be accessed via an Ethernet connection, in addition to its 2 HDMI ports and USB port. The HDMI ports, in particular, can be used to plug in your favorite game console, a DVD burner or HD satellite set turning your LG HCS into your machine of choice – HD TV, or gaming monster.

In LG’s official press release, Sarah Thompson, marketing executive for digital media, LG Electronics, said, “LG brings the explosiveness and realism of the Hollywood blockbusters into your living room with our latest home cinema system. It is a testament to our endeavour to push the boundaries and create home entertainment solutions to suit everyone’s needs, whilst incorporating the best quality image, sound, and online capabilities”.

As if it wasn’t enough to include some of the best sound quality, they’ve amped up the sound factor on this HCS by including tweaking the equalizer settings using seven simple preset settings, each of them to create the perfect ambience for a song or for an occasion. One of them, the ‘night mode’, removes bass effects so that, in LG’s own words, “you do not wake sleeping children”. How cute.

Other features are that the HCS can accept optical input, has touch sensitive controls and supports USB playback.  It also uses the LG Sound Gallery with a built-in professional DSP (Digital Sound Processor).

Announced to hit stores in November 2009, LG are yet to put a price to this maestro. Patience, patience.