More and more laptops to include Blu Ray by mid 2010

We know, we know. The wait for Blu Ray becoming a mainstream accessory in laptops.

Now, people at all those Blu Ray drive making companies have confirmed what we suspected – Blu Ray laptops becoming common is going to get delayed some more; to be precise, until after June or July 2010.

We know, we know the reasons too. Blu Ray is expensive. The technology is so awesome, it still commands a good price. A slim Blu Ray drive costs about $100, compared to a slim DVD writer, which can be had for a fifth of that figure. We’re not even venturing into Blu Ray combo territory. Check the price tags on this one,  this one and this one.

Laptop makers are at each other’s gutturals, trying to make the most cost-effective products. And so far, a DVD drive makes more selling sense than a Blu Ray one.

So whats that about July 2010, you ask? That’s when optical drive industry gurus expect the prices to get competitive, and finish off the ghost of DVD. And that’s when you’ll see the flurry of the new generation of Blu Ray-equipped laptops.

While us mere mortals can wait for prices to make sense to laptop makers, so that Blu Ray finds its place in your friendly neighborhood portable computer, those of you who with more exquisite taste ( read “more money”) can invest in the high-end Intel Core i7-powered cats in the laptop arena, such as the Toshiba Qosmio X500 series, which we recently announced, and which already sport Blu Ray drives – burners, no less. And’s some more Qosmio eye candy for those who missed out on that post.


A thing so red, could ever be Blu?

We know, we know you’re drooling ;D