Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure Blu-ray Review

Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure is a remarkable tale about the power of true friendship that your family will want to watch over and over again.


Distributor: WDSHE (Disney)
Studio: Disney/Buena Vista
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Rating: G
Genre: Kids
Video: 1080p/MPEG-4 AVC
Audio: English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Blu-ray/DVD Combo

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (Two Disc + BD Live) [Blu-ray]


Wow, never would’ve thought I would be reviewing Tinker Bell! Of course watching it is another story. I’m probably the perfect candidate to review Tinker Bell as I have a 7 year old daughter in my house! So, with that in mind you have to understand that I am reviewing this in the sense of her delightfulness and love of the movie itself. Then, I am breaking down my views on the picture quality, audio quality and supplements. So yes, without even looking at The Bottom Line you know it has to be awesome because every girl knows that Tinker Bell is the greatest! Haha.

In all seriousness though this movie is graded on its genre and if it met expectations for its genre. Now that thats out the way, lets get on with it! The most popular fairy is back, this time with an all new adventure.

It’s fun and games once again in Pixie Hollow. The town is preparing for some ritual seasonal celebrations and our lovable Tinker Bell has been asked to clean up the precious gem moonstone. Suddenly things go horribly wrong and Tinker Bell causes the moonstone to get shattered! Tinker Bell decides then and there that she must head to Neverland to find a magical mirror that will grant her wishes so she can save the moonstone and their tree that provides the pixie dust! A loyal firefly Blaze and Terence (Jesse McCartney) help Tinker Bell at her side and sometimes annoy her as they try to overcome the challenges put forth in front of her on her quest to save pixie hollow. All in all another Disney film that your kids will love, with some learning lessons mixed with in.


Absolutely stunning! Most people by now know that animated movies make for the best Blu-ray reference quality transfers to show off. Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure is no different. The attention to detail is absolutely amazing, and the colors are breath taking. Disney always seems to treat their titles with the utmost regard. It’s very nice to see that the Disney Fairies series gets just as much technical effort as any Disney Princess Classic. Every leaf, twig, wooden table top will pop out at you with rich detail while the wings of fairies will glisten of hi-def greatness! Videophiles will go nuts on this one much like the release of Cars.

So in layman’s terms, even if you hate having to share the living room for a Disney Fairy experience you can at least be awe struck of the beautiful Blu-ray transfer in full 1080p High Definition. It alone will keep you amused.


Tinker Bell comes with a nice 5.1 DTS HD-Master Audio sound track that excels perfectly for this movie. The other audio tracks though are only in Dolby Digital (French/Spanish) same with the bonus features. None the less the clarity is superb and the sounds of the nature in pixie hollow are nothing short of mesmerizing. Richly detailed and perfectly on cue as noted when the cricket chirps and the wood clocks all at different tones as the cuckoo alarm clock goes off. Of course in this case, no bird but instead a cricket. Laughter comes out nicely through your fronts and center. Rears aren’t used completely in the way I thought they would’ve been in an immersive nature-esque like environment, but still Disney brings the quality for Tinker Bell. Your kids will think it rocks. 😉


Tinkerbell doesn’t come packed with extras like most Disney Princess titles include, but it does have its fair share depending on how much you value the DVD copy included.

• Magical Guide to Pixie Hollow (HD, 5 minutes): Just a basic tour of Tinker Bell’s home town. Not a lot here but amusing none the less.

• Outtakes & Bloopers (HD, 20 minutes): This is probably a lot cooler for adults than kids as a lot of the scenes are not totally finished with pre-renders. Still some amusing stuff and cute bloopers.

• Music Video (HD, 3 minutes): “The Gift of a Friend” performed by Demi Lavato will definitely get a rise in your daughter! Packed with clips from the film!

• Pixie Hollow Comes to Walt Disney World (HD, 8 minutes): Neat promotional feature showing all the steps and hard work put into the Pixie Hollow attraction.

• Bonus Standard DVD Version – Believe it or not, this is one of the reasons the supplements rank so high here at BRC. Yes we are lovers of Blu-ray first and foremost but for any kids movies its totally awesome to get the DVD too as they good for on-the-go and I’m sure most kids have DVD players in their rooms as opposed to Blu-ray players. Seeing as how mine does have an HDTV in their I may finally plunge into another Blu-ray player this year during the Holiday sales. Big thumbs up though for the extra DVD.

• BD-Live Functionality – Internet capability required.


Another fun filled Disney hit for girls ages 3-10. Great picture quality and audio quality with some pretty good supplements mixed in garnered this score. Parents won’t mind watching this one, at least a couple times as the picture quality of the animations are just gorgeous. Kids love it as there are great colors, funny antics and learning lessons built with in. Quality transfer by Disney, strongly recommended for any fans of Tinker Bell or parents on a limb of whether it’s a good purchase for their kid(s). Solid follow up to the first Tinker Bell on blu-ray which can be found at one of the links below. Also, fans of Tinkerbell and the fairies can visit disneyfairies.com for an interactive fairy enviroment.

Great stocking stuffer or Christmas gift!

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