November 10th: A Helluva Day! COD: MW2, UP, Monsters Inc. and Heat Blu-ray Gets Hot Deal

November 10th is a monumental day for the Blu-ray disc format. Millions of copies of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 discs are going to be sold. On the movie scene thousands of discs of Heat, UP, and Monsters Inc. are going to move some hectic numbers as well.

Gamers everywhere have been waiting for Modern Warfare 2 to release since the first day they even heard the name! It’s going to be massive, you can take that to the bank! SteelBook collectors are going nuts over the 12 weeks of Disney promotion that FutureShop in Canada have been holding. That being said, both UP and Monsters Inc get a Blu-ray SteelBook on November 10th and Blu-ray fans everywhere around the world are just happy to see the two titles release to Blu-ray in general.

Hardened SteelBook Edition

Hardened SteelBook Edition

Folks who love a shoot out and classic De Niro and Pacino greatness have been dying to have HEAT since the day Blu-ray first released its first titles on the format!

With all the bucks coming in for the studios and developers, the consumers can at least be happy to know that their are tons of sales/promotions on all these titles in all sorts of different ways. Amazon is offering $20 future dollars if you order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and $10 off if you order both UP and Monsters Inc.


The only thing lacking is a HEAT Collectors Edition of some sort, which their isn’t! It’s an outrage in my book, but with all the other great media releasing recently my wallet says thank you. However, you’re not getting away that easy WB, I want my LE set or SteelBook! (HEAT) I will protest! Haha!

Purchase Heat [Blu-ray]

In any case, grab HEAT now for only $16.49! Smoking hot deal for a title ironically named HEAT.


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