Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Blu-ray Review



Another one of Kevin Smith’s titles have made it onto Blu-ray, but does this title live up to the other titles as well? The answer is yes. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back continues the tradition of a solid, witty, and charming script. The comedic level remains the same as previous Smith’s work and even makes some quick reference to a previous title (Chasing Amy), so some knowledge of other titles is recommended to understand who some of the characters are. However, this is not a set back as most of the film continues with a unique fresh story.

The film does something that we rarely see in Hollywood today, the constant shots at the movie industry. Yes, you are reading that correctly. The film manages to incorporate some low shots at the movie studios and at the same time implement parodies to some of the biggest films in cinema in the past 25 years. This of course requires some big names in Hollywood to make an appearance like Wes Craven, Gus Van Sant, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Jason Biggs to name a few. The film begins when Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) find out that a comic based on them, Bluntman and Chronic, is being adopted into the big screen by Miramax. Jay and silent Bob take on the journey to Hollywood in order to get a piece of the earnings. Once they arrive they find out that the person they are searching for no longer holds the rights, but has sold them to someone close to them. Jay and silent Bob find themselves in a whole lot of trouble in their quest to get their share of the money or stop the film from being made.

So, what makes Kevin Smith’s work so attractive for it’s fans? If you have been a follower you would know that in every movie Smith has created is packed with a great script. Yes, much of it is very explicit language, but in between the lines the witty lines and comedy always prevails. Smith always manages to get the best out of his cast, the films always flow nicely, and they he always manages to keep his ideas fresh. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is like every other Smith film, lots of foul language, sexual content, and comedy. Just doesn’t get better than that. The film does become slow and way too silly at times, but for the most part is a rather enjoyable.



Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back arrives on Blu-ray with a 1080p MPEG4-AVC encode framed at 2.40:1. This is not a bad presentation, I’ve seen better, but it’s watchable. The black colors are decent and other colors standout from time to time that add clarity to the picture. The skin tones are very natural and realistic. There are a few scenes that were soft and the detail of the surrounding area is below average plus some scenes feature some excessive grain that is distracting, however, this only appears to be for a brief moment and not a representation of the entire film. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back features a decent looking Blu-ray.



Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back arrives on Blu-ray with an uncompressed PCM 5.1 high definition audio track. The dialogue is clear, clean, and crisp without any problems. In fact the attention to details is impressive. The music is very engaging and surround the viewer in a nice soundfield. The bass is deep when required to do so. All in all this track delivers a very pleasing sound experience, the dialog is clean, the music sound great, and captures the charm of the film with ease.



This is a very lackluster release as far as supplements goes. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back on Blu-ray features only one audio commentary featuring Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and Scott Mosier. The audio track is quite entertaining as many of Kevin Smith’s extras are. Although some prior knowledge of Smith’s film catalog is recommended to full understand what he is talking about otherwise you might find yourself wondering what’s going on.



This is a must for fans of Smith’s work without a doubt it’s a necessary addition, but if you are a newcomer to his movies you might find this movie just a tad bit silly. The film features a decent video and sound quality, but the extras are nearly non existent. So if you are a fan are a looking for an extensive release you might want to look elsewhere, but if you just want the movie without all the bells and whistles this is for you. Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back is a great addition to any Kevin Smith fan and for everyone else I recommend at least a rent.