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Snatch” is a wild ride with a complex plot that centers on a stolen diamond and 3 different gangs who try to steal it. This was Guy Ritchie’s second film after “Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels.” The way Guy Ritchie ties everything together in this movie is nothing short of a masterpiece. Snatch is very refreshing even today compared to all the other big Hollywood films and is absolutely brilliant film-making.

The cast is excellent. Jason Statham is now a star and pretty well known now but before he was Turkish, a man with a unique sense of humor, his own code of ethics and loyalty to his friend Tommy. Tommy is played by Stephen Graham from “Gangs of New York.” Turkish serves as the film’s narrator.

The obvious scene-stealer is Brad Pitt as the nutty Irish boxer Mickey O’Neil. The frustrating and amazingly hilarious thing here is that you can barely understand a word of the inarticulate Mickey’s dialogue, yet all his friends nod and agree profusely. It really is funny once you get into the swing of non-comprehension. The fight scenes are also excellent.

Somewhat overlooked, but equally impressive is the short cameo of Benicio Del Toro as the Jewish gangster Franky Four Fingers who loves crime but has a weakness for gambling. Del Toro is a highly regarded actor with his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for “Traffic” (2000) and his ability to go from Jewish Orthodox to the volatile Frankie demonstrates great range.

Vinnie Jones plays Bullet Tooth Tony who is hired to find Frankie. He does a great job. Jones was excellent in “Swordfish” (2001) and in “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Lennie James who was in “Sahara” plays Sol who owns a pawnshop and has two bumbling cohorts to help get him in trouble. Alan Ford who was in “American Werewolf in London” back in 1981 and in “Exorcist: The Beginning” plays the wild gang leader Brick Top who likes to feed his enemies to the pigs. Rade Sherbedgia who was in a film “Fever” (2003) plays the delightfully sinister Russian gangster Boris the Blade. Dennis Farina who had a great cameo in the HBO mini-series “Empire Falls” romps around as Avi. And of course, the dog that swallows the diamond is also extremely funny!

The editing is crafty and sleek, smooth and mixed. The two best scenes in which Guy Ritchie’s imagination is set free are in the character introduction sequence, where each character is shown doing something which blends into the next. For example, when a character named Mickey (played very well by Brad Pitt) picks up a jewelry bag, he is shown throwing it and in a quick change of scenery, another character, Vinny, is shown catching it. The other scene in which the editing is brilliant is in the final bare-knuckle boxing match at the end of the film. The impact of each punch is shown and the sequence switches from fast-motion to slow motion to regular, somehow keeping it from becoming confusing.

Great film overall and should be enjoyed by all especially on your first and second viewing. So it you have never seen this, be sure to check it out!

Snatch makes its debut to Blu-ray disc format in beautiful 1080p goodness in a 1.85:1 framed picture. Snatch doesn’t pop out at you like maybe a “Live Free or Die Hard” would but it handles the original intent perfectly. There are a lot of muggy or dark scenes that it reproduces well. Those scenes aren’t going to be captivating but they are presented well within the Hi-def realm. A perfect example of this is the following screen shot we took. Snatch Blu-ray 1080p Screen Shot. As you can see it’s a semi-dark scene that has cast shadows but notice no loud distortion nor grain. Ritchie captured all that he wanted in the scene and did it in such quality that it shows even today in the blu-ray transfer. The way the miniscule pieces of grain and greys are casted over the scenes are done with artistry. This isn’t a title to showcase to your friends the eye candy of blu-ray transfers unless they can respect the overall intention this film should be met with. This is however what I believe a total mirror of perfection in the sense of capturing what the director intended in a tasteful way. Cult fans of this film will rejoice with this transfer as it will wow them with appreciation since it is a multiple viewing of the film they adore.

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Snatch comes action packed with a 5.1 DTS HD-Master track that really bangs. There is tons of action scenes and gunshots that will put your sub to work. The music scores throughout are playful and presented well within this lossless track, creative choices as well. Dialogue representation is clear and clarity is fine. Of course, it’s hard to understand anything Mickey (Brad Pitt) says anyways but his gypsy lingo comes off to a tee. Superb quality. Great sound effects are utilized and you can hear every small attention to detail throughout all scenes. The DTS track does this film justice and fans of the flick will be pleased.

Commentary Track: Guy Ritchie (Writer/Director) and Matthew Vaughn (Producer) – This one is a bit downplayed compared to the high action-engergy of the film but shares a good insight on the technical aspects of making the film.

The Snatch Cutting Room: This is a really cool feature that allows the users/consumers to edit their own pieces of the film. You can add music, titles, scenes and share it via BD-Live.

Making Snatch: (480p) Interviews and Behind-the-scenes clips.

Storyboard Comparisons: Based on three scenes. The Big Fight, Avi Goes to London, and Introduction of Characters

Deleted Scenes: (6 : 480p) Self explanitory

Video Photo Gallery: (480p) Self explanitory

Trailers: (Both teaser and theatrical)

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Snatch is a definite watch/rental/purchase for anyone who hasn’t already seen it. For fans of the film and current DVD owners its a definite upgrade as the video and audio quality are the best this title has ever seen. Guy Ritchie’s quality directing shines through today with a wonderful transfer that shows beautiful characteristic. The supplemental package is nice albeit it could’ve had a lot more. I was expecting for tons of new extras as well. None the less, this is another quality transfer to Blu-ray from Sony Pictures for an amazing film to boot. Anyone out on a limb for this purchase should fear not, its worth it! BRC recommends this title and also “Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels” another Guy Ritchie film starring Jason Statham.

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