Nvidia’s 3D Blu Ray experience for the PC

Lets say you have the right amount of RAM and the kind of graphics card and processor that ordinary mortals ( or even people like me) would dream of.

Let’s also imagine that you’ve been reading at this site, all about Blu ray’s 3D options, over the past months. You probably looked at the prices of some of these products and sighed, because you did pay a bomb for that gaming rig of yours, and it, quite simply, can’t play 3D Blu Ray.

Correction. Courtesy NVIDIA.

Oo la la
NVIDIA 3D Vision package, and the glasses!

NVIDIA’s 3D Vision software, and the accompanying NVIDIA 3D shutter glasses combine to allow you the pleasure of a 3D experience on your computer. Released early last year, it has been helping gamers the world over to experience 3D gaming, such as with last year’s  Batman: Arkham Asylum game.

But coming early next year, a software update to the NVIDIA 3D Vision application will allow users with a beefed-up machine and 120Hz refresh rate monitors to get the same experience with their 3D Blu Ray movie discs. The first of a few 120 Hz 1080p monitors will be released in early 2010 by Acer and Samsung. NVIDIA has announced that the application will be compatible with most Blu Ray drives, and in case yours is one of the unlucky exceptions, just check the list of compatible drives that should be out soon.

Provided you get your hands on one of those 120 Hz babies (for which an exact release date and price will soon be announced) , and it all matches up, and NVIDIA can implement everything it has in mind.. in a few months, you’ll be the proud owner of a rig that can do not just 3D games, but also 3D Blu Ray movies, 3D web-content viewers, 3D picture slideshows, 3D Windows 7 and 3D Google Earth.


Stay tuned for more news on the “3D PC” front!