Amazon Pushing On-Demand Downloads from Blu-ray Purchases

Amazon is now letting people who buy select DVD or Blu-ray discs watch the movie immediately, for free, on their PC or Mac.

Right now the Disc + On Demand deal is limited to 313 movies, mostly older and been-out-for-a-while titles (“The Wizard of Oz” 70th anniversary edition and “Coraline” top the list). It will be interesting to see if this program expands at all and helps Amazon navigate the consumer migration between physical discs and digital movies.

Amazon’s new promotion in some ways parallels what online DVD rental service Netflix is doing with its “Watch Instantly” feature, providing instant streaming of select movies to members. Amazon, though, is tying instant streaming to individual DVD sales.

According to the fine print of the Amazon promotion, people have 30 days after the DVD or Blu-ray purchase to watch the streaming video version. The company doesn’t say how long the promotion will last.

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