3D will work on your Blu Ray player!

Hallelujah and Amen for all 3D followers. The 3D Blu Ray format has gotten its final specifications from the BDA (Blu Ray Disc Association), and anyone with a PS3 or a good collection of Blu Ray movies is in for a sigh of relief. The new Blu Ray 3D format will be viewable on your Blu Ray players and PS3s!

The new format will ensure full HD video to each eye (1080p), and here’s the catch, is powered by a Blu Ray codec that is already supported by all Blu Ray players. This pretty much means you can use your present ‘2D’ Blu Ray player or PS3 to play the new 3D movies, and at 1080p no less. So, Avatar in 3D, at home, without an upgrade…looks possible.


So if you’re among those who have just upgraded to a Blu Ray player and built up a good Blu Ray disc collection, 3D is not yet another expensive upgrade. Just buy a 3D disc, pop it in, and you’re good to go.

And to really reassure Blu Ray users and gamers worldwide, Sony and the BDA have made it clear that 2D discs will play on 3D players, 3D discs will play on the PS3, and that all 3D Blu Ray fare will be compatible with any 3D screen – LCD, Plasma, whatever.

The format doesn’t just take care of 3D movies, but also provides for such things as 3D menus, 3D subtitles and 3D extras. The specifications have been made available to creators and content providers, so the first 3D Blu Ray releases, including Avatar, may be expected in 2010.