Surrogates Blu-ray Give-away

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been given a couple copies of Surrogates on Blu-ray to give away. We’re not going to just throw these out at will though, lets make sure they get into some true Bruce Willis fan’s hands! (Wow, say that 3x fast!) What better way to test your Bruce-ness by some gool ol’ Bruce Willis trivia!

When will this take place? The trivia will take place on our forums Here in the blu-ray movie section the week before release. (Monday-Friday) Each day we will post a trivia question @ 7pm Est. (this should help with folks at work who dont have access to a cpu) First 2 correct answers will earn a point. The 2 users with the most points at the end of the week will receive Surrogates on Blu-ray during release week.

This contest is only eligible for our forum members, (with at least 10 posts) so if you’re not a forum member, join up and get to posting and win yourself the intense, new blockbuster Surrogates on Blu-ray.

Surrogates releases onto Blu-ray hi-def on January 26th!

Pre-order Surrogates [Blu-ray]

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