Blu-ray Entertainment Center Turns 1!

It’s been a long road and an exciting one indeed. Today, well … yesterday, Blu-ray Entertainment Center (BRC) turned 1! Hard to believe the site is only one years old for all that has been accomplished but that is excactly what it is! We’d like to thank all our members, commenters, and visitors of the site as it is you who truly make all the hard work worth it. We’ve accomplished a lot this past year and have plenty of upgrades and changes in store for this next year!

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is a pop culture fanatic who loves to collect things from films that leave a lasting impression on him. A big fan of such brands like SteelBook, Mondo, and Sideshow. Favorite films or franchises include Braveheart, HEAT, Book of Eli, Ip Man, Nolan's Batman, Everything Marvel, and practically anything Quentin Tarantino touches. Proudly owns The Notebook, drives 88 mph, and know's exactly what was in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase!